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“Thanks so much for all your fantastic work to help make the event a success!  It went very well and your segments were just fabulous.  I know you put in some extra efforts for us toward the end and they worked out so well, thank you for your flexibility and professionalism, you were a delight to partner with.”
- Lissa Piscopo | Corporate Events Manager | BMC
"Thank you for your professionalism and being such a delight to work with, Amy." 
- Craig Downing, Sr. Director, Global Cloud Marketing & Demand Generation | Salesforce 

“YOU ARE A PRO! Thank you so much for rolling with the punches and adding a sense of stability, enthusiasm, credibility, and light to the broadcast. Looking forward to the next time we get to work together.”  

- Brigette Polmar, Brand Spoken | MG Illuminate 

“AWESOME!!! AMY!!! SUPERB. MY GOD. Amy Killed it. You handled it so well, all the transitions. WE ARE AN A-TEAM. EVERYONE IN ACTION :-) “

- Showtime Events and Infosys | Connect Sales Meeting 

Amy has been engaging audiences for years as a virtual event emcee, live and hybrid event emcee for internal and external conferences, sales meetings, celebrations, fundraisers and training for clients including Salesforce, Samsung, Whirlpool Corporation, BMC, Infosys, Argenx, Credit Union Executives Society, American College of Prosthodontists, Honeywell and more.

She’s a quick study with a B.S. in biopsychology with honors pre-med from University of Michigan.

Amy is super comfortable on camera connecting with audiences, representing companies and brands since the beginning of her career as an on-camera and TV host. She's expert at TelePrompter, Ear Prompter, moderation, interviewing people and making them feel at ease.  Witty and quick on her feet, Amy hosted the PBS TV series Built to Last: The Green Home. 

Amy and her video professional husband offer the full technical package.

Streaming live from her in-home professional studio with pro lighting and audio, Sony A6400 4K camera, hi-speed ethernet, clean backgrounds, optional green screen and TelePrompter, they are fully equipped.

Pre-recorded content filmed in 4k with a Canon c300 provides superior quality.  Clients can join the recording to direct, and then receive all project files digitally.  Amy can also travel to your studio for live streaming events, hybrid events or to record content. 

Full video production, including multiple 4k cameras, graphics, animation, and editing is available through husband Rich's respected 20+ year video production company, Bolin Video Communications. Amy has worked in corporate communications as a video producer, director and scriptwriter, and understands the importance of great content, stellar lighting, crisp audio, and all of the technical and production details that go into producing excellent video quality and creating memorable moments.

“Amy is FANTASTIC! She truly helped bring our conference to the next level by providing a great amount of energy and excitement. She kept our audience engaged through both days of our event, going above and beyond to make us feel at ease by staying organized and being available for quick changes. I would truly recommend Amy to any event organization for both in-person and virtual events. We'll be hiring her again at next year's conference!” 
- Brittany Satterfield | Sr. Marketing Manager | Auros Knowledge Systems | Knowledge Aware 

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“Thanks for sharing participants’ sentiments/thoughts so well and incorporating them into the overall program. You are such a smooth and engaging individual. Love the delivery, tone, and smile!  It’s great to have you on the team. We’re looking forward to the next two sessions with you.”

- James Lenz | Professional Development Manager | Credit Union Executives Society

Why hire Amy McWhirter as your virtual emcee?

1. Expertise
3. Equipment
2. Talent

Expert as a warmly engaging virtual, in-person and hybrid emcee or on-camera & TV Host, Amy energizes and inspires audiences, catalyzing content & instigating engagement at virtual and hybrid events.  

You get a dedicated energetic, soulful, smart professional who works with marketing and event planning teams to craft scripting, content, interview questions and engagement activities that drive home the central themes of your event, creating continuity, ensuring that audiences are connected to deep meaning so they are moved and inspired to act.

Her laser in-the-moment focus, listening and reacting, improvising and summarizing drives deeper audience engagement. One of the most common pieces of feedback is that Amy brings a deeply human connection to virtual events. 

“It was amazing. You did an amazing job. All of the comments and everything that has been said about having you part of our meeting has been extremely positive. You did a great job bringing the whole week together with cohesion. The executive committee were all extremely impressed and grateful for everything you did.”

- Katie Koszyk, Manager Education and Meetings | American College of Prosthodontists 

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Virtual Emcee Energizing and Inspiring Audiences

Your audience deserves to be moved.

"The feedback has been glowing! I was blown away by how well the 'Live from Vegas' segments turned out- exactly how I envisaged. You came across so warm, knowledgeable, comfortable and crisp that it seemed as though you’d been our virtual event host for years. Veeam will definitely want to see Amy McWhirter grace the stage or screen again in the future." 

- Adele Durham | Sr. Director, Global Events | Veeam

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