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Expert HealthCare & Medical Presenter and Emcee

Amy McWhirter is expert at communicating the benefits of highly complex products and services in a way that is natural, engaging and credible. Equally engaging as a spirited, energetic emcee and host, Amy captures audience attention in a uniquely captivating way and is a super quick study with a deeply rooted scientific and communications background.   

Immersed in a family dedicated to healthcare - her father a pathologist and dermatologist, her grandfather a dentist with a keen interest in holistic health - Amy comes by her love of health naturally.  She followed in the family footsteps, earning a Bachelor of Science in biopsychology, a pre-med degree, with honors from University of Michigan.  Amy is also a dancer, choreographer, yogi, vegetable gardener, and fitness enthusiast. 

You get a dedicated, energetic, soulful, smart emcee and event host who works with marketing and event teams to craft scripting, content, interview questions and engagement activities that drive home the central themes of your event, ensuring that audiences are connected to deep meaning so they are moved and inspired to act.

She helps audiences get to the heart of every session. Her effervescence is contagious and she’s adept at emphasizing key points from speakers, gracefully improvising with humor, focusing the audience’s attention and weaving in themes and messaging.

Amy’s energetic, joyful presence, natural style, laser in-the-moment focus, quick thinking, interview skills, and cohesive summaries create continuity and drive deeper audience engagement and value.

AAID (Implant Dentistry)

AAOS (Orthopaedic Surgeons)
AACC (Clinical Chemistry)
AAPM (Physicists in Medicine)
American College of Cardiology

American College of Prosthodontists

ASTRO (Radiation Oncology)

American Diabetes Association

College of Surgeons

Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards

Heart Rhythm Society



MG Illuminate Virtual Event

MG Solemates Virtual Event

Myasthenia Gravis Docuseries Premiere

Pharma Innovation Awards

Pri-Med (Healthcare Education)


Society of Nuclear Medicine


1. Pick an event type and approach

Virtual, hybrid, or live in-person event?

Next: Are we doing a conference, awards event, product overview, theater presentation with slides or video, demos, introducing guest or internal speakers, interactive Q&A, games, trivia, polls, debates, moderation, live streaming, pre-recorded video, emcee, facilitation, interviews?

2. Messaging

Now, if you begin with a general idea of messaging, Amy will provide input on scripting and content, create script from your materials, or work from a fully formed script you provide.

She'll always make tweaks to existing scripts to make the presentation conversational, concise, and engaging by putting verbiage into her own voice, and she's a natural at improvisation.

3. Let's talk about more details

Ready to begin a conversation and explore further strategies?

"It was amazing. You did an amazing job. All of the comments and everything that has been said about having you part of our meeting has been extremely positive. People really thought you did a great job bringing the whole week together with cohesion. We met with our leadership last night, the executive committee and they were all extremely impressed and grateful for everything you did.”

Katie Koszyk, Manager Education and Meetings | American College of Prosthodontists | Virtual Conference and 50th Anniversary

“Amy is amazing to work with. Our company has worked with Amy for several years having her present highly technical medical equipment and software at multiple trade shows. She is a true professional and was able to easily adjust to our last minute changes and provided excellent suggestions to make our presentations more impactful.  Amy delivered our multiple presentations numerous times during the day, perfectly every time.  I would highly recommend Amy. She is a pleasure to work with and we have been extremely pleased with her services and ability to deliver extremely technical information in a professional and pleasant manner."

- Tom Chadwick, Senior Marketing Director | Elekta

"Captivating!  People are drawn to your voice - the tone, the credibility, the way you speak.  They walk by, hear your voice and are drawn in.  It's not high pressure sales.  People think you work for our company!" 

- Karen Pifer, Corporate Trade Show Manager | Leidos

Talk to Amy:

See Amy In Action Live at In-Person, Hybrid & Virtual Healthcare, Medical, & Scientific Events!

“YOU ARE A PRO! Thank you so much for rolling with the punches and adding a sense of stability, enthusiasm, credibility, and light to the broadcast. Looking forward to the next time we get to work together.” 

- Brigette Polmar, Chief Creative Officer, Brand Spoken | MG Illuminate Virtual Event for Myasthenia Gravis Awareness and Online Digital Community

Energizing and Inspiring audiences to Connect and Take Action
at Live In-Person, Hybrid and Virtual Events

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Soulful Communicator Driving Messages & Business Outcomes.

Emcee, Host, Presenter Energizing and Inspiring Audiences.

Content Catalyst + Engagement Instigator.

Key benefits of working with Amy:

1. Her ability to understand who your audience is and adapt her presentation to your unique messaging, soulfully inspiring connection, inviting everyone to be seen, heard and appreciated.

2. A highly collaborative approach that helps internal marketing teams create presentations and programs that help your brand stand out in any conference or online setting.

3. A professional who thoroughly researches and represents your brand, organization, and vibe with energy, enthusiasm, intelligence, warmth and credibility.