Bolin Video Communications, owned by Amy's husband Rich Bolin, is dedicated to the art of storytelling to bring your brand and message to life. We believe in the power of visual communications as an incredible marketing tool, and possess the creative resources, clarity of thought, and vision to produce results that work.  

Our team is easy to partner with during the production process, as we delight in telling your story with clarity, creativity and impact. Amy partners with Rich on select projects as producer, scriptwriter, and talent.  

Amy is renowned for her warmly energetic, engaging approach that inspires audiences of all sizes to connect, engage and act. She's expert at moderation, interviewing people and making them feel at ease, quick-thinking, humor and improv, TelePrompter, and Ear Prompter.  Amy connects with audiences, representing companies, organizations and brands since the beginning of her professional speaking career as an on camera host, TV host and presenter, woman on the street interviewer, and broadcast host.  

On Camera & TV Host

Amy McWhirter hosts the inaugural Bone AppeTreat fundraising event broadcast live in front of a studio audience in Portland, OR May 12, 2023. $115, 281 raised to provide two service dogs. Click here to watch full program recording. 

Amy hosted the PBS television docuseries Built to Last: The Green Home in 2014. She’s a super quick study with a B.S. in biopsychology with honors pre-med from University of Michigan. She's approachable and credible in any industry.

Host, Interviewer and Woman on the Street for VeeamOn tech conference LIVE in-person streaming from Las Vegas, May 2022. Live segments broadcast to virtual audience, including interviews with in-person experts and tours of what audiences can expect to see at the conference. Lots of energy and connection, buzzing with excitement!

Amy McWhirter moderates discussions with DLA Piper lawyers on Food and Beverage trends in Health & Wellness - Healthy Alcohol and ESG labeling, claims. June 2022 in Chicago.

Fundraising Broadcast Host
Live Broadcast Host and Woman on the Street
Interviewer and On Camera Moderator
PBS TV Series Host