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Amy McWhirter is one of the most sought after trade show and corporate presenters in the world, using specific strategies and tactics that set your brand apart in crowded, noisy exhibit environments.  Her energetic, engaging, welcoming and conversational presentation style draws audiences in and naturally keeps their attention without resorting to gimmicks.

Her ability to take complex technical or medical information and make it understandable, relatable and conversational is unlike any other. Often viewed as a subject matter expert and even internal employee on whatever she is representing, Amy has a unique ability to synthesize complex material and make it relatable to and engaging for attendees. 

Why hire a professional?  An expert presenter...
  • Engages trade show audiences and draws people in from the crowds.
  • Increases qualified sales leads.
  • Keeps attendees' focus and attention on your message, product or service.
  • Transforms technical concepts and scripts into relatable conversation.
  • Becomes the subject expert: communicating your messaging with confidence.


"Simply Amazing! That is how I would describe Amy. She is the most professional and fantastic presenter. Her stage presence, her ability to hit the message consistently on target every time, her ability to absorb and learn the technology, and her skills in making script change recommendations for the best message, makes her absolutely unique. I have worked with Amy in three different companies now, and over a number of years. I would highly highly recommend Amy, as I have yet to meet or see any other presenter that is even close to what Amy delivers. " 

- Yama Habibzai, CMO | Densify

“When it comes to professional, attention-grabbing and consistent presentations for any public venue, Amy is a must have! She has the perfect combination of energy and professionalism that instantly lends credibility to any presentation. She brought my script to life and truly spoke to the audience."  - Mike Guillory, Corporate Brand Communications | Texas Instruments

"Amy had an unexplainable way of bringing our material to life. Not only does she have a fantastic attitude and personality but she is a true crowd pleaser. Several times a day our own employees asked me if we hired someone new because she was that believable. If you didn’t know firsthand she was a professional speaker you would think she is visiting our customers and talking about our technology on a daily basis."  - Renee Schouten, Director of Marketing | INX

"Amy is amazing to work with, having worked with her for several years presenting highly technical medical equipment and software at multiple trade shows. She is a true professional. She adjusted easily to our last minute changes and provided excellent suggestions to make our presentations more impactful. I would highly recommend Amy. She is a pleasure to work with."

- Tom Chadwick, Sr. Business Marketing Manager | ELEKTA

Your presentation drew more attention to our booth than we ever experienced before. We were able to identify physicians for more personal attention while you were speaking. When you finished we were 100% successful in inviting targeted physicians into the booth for a more in-depth discussion. The best testimonial is that we want you back.”   

- Tom Lindstrom | SORIN GROUP

Captivating!  People are drawn to your voice - the tone, the credibility, the way you speak.  They walk by, hear your voice and are drawn in.  It's not high pressure sales.  People think you work for our company!  

- Karen Pifer, Corporate Trade Show Manager | Leidos

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“Amy is FANTASTIC! She truly helped bring our conference to the next level by providing a great amount of energy and excitement. She kept our audience engaged through both days of our event. She went above and beyond to make us feel at ease by staying organized and being available for quick changes as the days went on. I would truly recommend Amy to any event organization - for both in-person and virtual events. We'll be hiring her again at our next year's conference. Thanks for everything, Amy!” 
Brittany Satterfield | Sr. Marketing Manager | Auros Knowledge Systems | Knowledge Aware Conference

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