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Live In-Person Event Emcee (MC) and Host

Amy McWhirter is the soulful communicator, emcee, host and moderator who ties everything together, driving messages and business outcomes. As Engagement Instigator + Content Catalyst, Amy energizes and inspires audiences to connect to the heart of messaging.

Her rich experience in communication as moderator, in-person MC, hybrid event hostvirtual emcee, corporate presenter, broadcast & TV host, video producer and scriptwriter creates the perfect blend of skills for Amy to integrate messaging with passion and compassion, focusing on key takeaways and elevating the audience's experience at live in-person conferences, hybrid events, award galas, celebrations, summits and meetings. 

Whether moderating panels, interviewing, hosting or creating content, her primary goal is that the audience come away with deep value, inspiration and meaning.

Amy's sharp and a super quick study with a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology  pre-med with Honors from University of Michigan. She hosted "Built to Last: The Green Home" docuseries on PBS.

Industry specialties include technology, healthcare/medical, manufacturing, government and defense, finance, and her clientele spans large corporations like Honeywell, Salesforce, BMC, Whirlpool Corporation, Anaplan, Leidos, Milestone Systems, award galas by Fierce Marketing, Label Awards, Executive Platforms, associations such as Credit Union Executives Society and IKAA, and household names including Maytag, Cadillac, Samsung, Cardinal Health.

Connect with Amy:
"I just wanted to say a formal thank you for being such an amazing Host/Professional/Moderator/General Giver of Calm at the IFS World Conference. The client is delighted. The show was complex and the demands from all directions a tricky balancing act. Thank you for your humor and ability to 'read the room'. I am not sure you can 'rock' a software conference but we came very close!" - Elsa Ford, Producer Live Events | IFS Conference
"Just wanted to say a big thank you again for last night. The event went really well and you were key to that success. Brilliant MC, Charismatic, dynamic with our guests…...just what we needed!"
- Pere Ramirez | Tarsus Group | Label Awards
"I have gotten so much positive feedback about you as the host for our live event! And I second that! You looked so natural and relaxed! It was a pleasure to work with you again and great job!” 
-Tracy Niehaus, Marketing Mgr | Honeywell Intelligrated

"Thank YOU for rolling with the punches and being an amazing sport. You were fantastic and it was great to have you at our sales kickoff event to keep it fun and interesting. You were a breath of fresh air!"

- Corporate Marketing | Anaplan | Sales Meeting

"You were ABSOLUTELY mind blowing!!! You were just such a delight to watch! Thank you so much in helping us pull off such a huge success!" 

- Jyotika Luthra, VP Operations | Executive Platforms

"Thank you for your professionalism and being such a delight to work with, Amy."  - Craig Downing, Senior Director, Global Cloud Marketing & Demand Generation | Salesforce 

"Amy, Great job last night at the EP awards presentation. You really added a feeling of community and excitement to the event." 

- Martin Barkman, SVP Global Supply Chain | SAP

Live In-Person and Hybrid Event (MC) and Host Videos

“Amy is FANTASTIC! She truly helped bring our conference to the next level by providing a great amount of energy and excitement. She kept our audience engaged through both days of our event. She went above and beyond to make us feel at ease by staying organized and being available for quick changes . I would truly recommend Amy to any event organization - for both in-person and virtual events. We'll be hiring her again at our next year's conference.” - Brittany Satterfield | Senior Marketing Manager | Knowledge Aware 

“Love the delivery, tone, and smile! Thanks for sharing participants’ sentiments/thoughts so well and incorporating them into the overall program. You are such a smooth and engaging individual. It’s great to have you on the team." - James Lenz |  Credit Union Executives Society 

International Emcee, Host, Moderator Energizing and Inspiring Audiences.

Soulful Communicator Driving Messages and Business Outcomes.

Content Catalyst + Engagement Instigator.

Your Audience Deserves to be Moved.

“Thank you for being such a wonderful MC of our flagship event APAC AdvantEdge! We appreciate all the effort you put in to understand the event and then host it beautifully and with so much energy. Thank you for adding your own take to keep the audience engaged. It was an absolute pleasure and completely effortless on our part to work with you. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback about you and I would love to work with you again in future.” - Kanchan Vijay Belavadi | EdgeVerve

"A sincere thank you for being so incredible at VeeamON. The feedback has been glowing! From attendees to execs, everyone has said how strong we came back and how trailblazing it was to return with a simultaneous hybrid offering. Watching those "Live from Vegas" segments, I was blown away. You came across so warm, knowledgeable, comfortable and crisp that it seemed as though you’d been our virtual event host for years.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and I know our audience responded extremely well to you as our virtual host. Veeam will definitely want to see Amy McWhirter grace the stage or screen again in the future."

- Adele Durham | Senior Director, Global Events | Veeam

"Amy was a joy to work with and brought high energy, flow, polish and professionalism to my client’s (Institute of Food Technologists-IFT) annual event in-person 2022 general sessions, live-streamed to a global virtual audience. It was the first time we were in-person in three years, and IFT wanted to come back with high impact. Attendees, leadership, and speakers said Amy was fantastic, with high energy and connection that tied everything together seamlessly for the science-minded audience. She offered personal stories to connect with the minds and hearts of audiences, while setting the stage for timely discussions on sustainability, food safety, nutrition security, and innovation. The production team really appreciated her on-camera and stage experience, and her ability to go with the flow, making quick changes on the fly, improvising, and keeping everything moving forward with grace and passion." -Kelly Peacy, CAE, CMP | Founder & CEO | Insight Event Strategy

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Let's talk about your event and create an engagement plan. 

 Live MC | Panel Moderator | Awards Host | Tech MC | Hybrid Event Host | Conference Emcee

"5 reasons to hire a professional Emcee (MC) & Event Host"

     Benefits of working with Amy:

  • Event planning teams have a consistent, thorough, reliable Partner.
  • Amy creates Cohesion and Connection among attendees.
  • Ensure continued Engagement and Brand Recognition post-event.
  • Amy researches deeply and collaborates with your team on Mission, Message and Crafting Content.
  • She Energetically Inspires audiences to Enjoy the Experience. 

Energizing and Inspiring Emcee

 "Amy's witty and engaging style kept the audience captivated and entertained throughout the program. Her ability to seamlessly transition from one segment to the other, and keep the event on track, was impressive. Amy's professionalism, charisma, and energy added so much to the overall success of the event."

- Horizons 2023 In-Person International Thought Leadership Conference