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Live In-Person Event Emcee (MC) and Host
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International Emcee, Host, Moderator Energizing and Inspiring Audiences.

Soulful Communicator Driving Messages and Business Outcomes.

Content Catalyst + Engagement Instigator.

Your Audience Deserves to be Moved.

"5 reasons to hire a professional Emcee (MC) & Event Host"

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Benefits of working with Amy:

  • Event planning teams have a consistent, thorough, reliable partner.
  • Attendees experience cohesion and connection.
  • Continued engagement and brand recognition post-event.
  • Collaborates with your team on mission, message and crafting content.

Energizing and Inspiring Emcee

 "Amy's witty and engaging style kept the audience captivated and entertained throughout the program. Her ability to seamlessly transition from one segment to the other, and keep the event on track was impressive. Amy's professionalism, charisma, and energy added so much to the overall success of the event."

- Horizons 2023 In-Person International Thought Leadership Conference

Moderator & Panel Host

As content catalyst and engagement instigator, Amy is a compelling panel moderator and interviewer. She's facile with a myriad of topics including technology, healthcare, consumer trends or any topic on stages and in studios in the USA and around the world.

Her warmly inviting approach puts interviewees like Bear Grylls, industry experts and C-level execs at ease.

She's a quick study and researches meticulously to understand each topic and audience pain points, meets with speakers, and crafts the best way to draw out content that will most benefit and inspire listeners.

Connecting to the Heart of Messaging

 "Amy was fantastic, with high energy and connection that tied everything together seamlessly. She offered personal stories to connect with the minds and hearts of audiences."

- IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) FIRST Hybrid Conference

Hybrid Event Host and Emcee

Amy's rich background in communications as emcee, broadcast & TV host, video producer and scriptwriter creates the perfect blend of skills for connecting with remote and in-person attendees hosting hybrid events.

Her warm authenticity shines through to live in-person and virtual audiences simultaneously, as she holistically integrates messaging with witty charm, focusing on key takeaways and elevating the audience’s experience.

Soulful Communicator Driving Business Outcomes

 "Amy was ABSOLUTELY mind blowing!!!  She was just such a delight to watch! We are so grateful for her help with us pulling off such a huge success!" 

- Executive Platforms Supply Chain Awards 

Awards Host 

“Brilliant MC, charismatic, dynamic, a delight to watch, a breath of fresh air”. Awards event clients have described Amy in these words, adding that she was key to the success of their events and award galas.

Amy's sharp and a super quick study with a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology pre-med with Honors from University of Michigan. She hosted "Built to Last: The Green Home" docuseries on PBS.

Amy brings high energy and inspiration, creating a feeling of community and excitement at celebrations and award events.

Amy energizes and inspires audiences to connect to the heart of messaging with warm soulful energetic authenticity. As a content weaver and catalyst who ties everything together, she drives messages and focus, creates excitement, improvises and personalizes content for every session, speaker, award, and event.

She's is the soulful communicator who catalyzes content and instigates engagement, driving business outcomes at conferences, award galas, and meetings.

Some of Amy's clients include:

Amy energetically inspires audiences to enjoy the experience.