A lifelong passion and love for dance continues as I choreograph and teach Repertoire dance in all styles to adults. We focus primarily on a contemporary piece that tells a story and resonates emotionally with audiences.

It was my love of performance and connecting with audiences, realized at age 6 on the dance stage, that continues to ignite me today in speaking. To watch videos of my dance choreography and our performances, click here.

About Amy McWhirter 

More on the heart and soul of Amy...

Influenced by my grandfather, a dentist ahead of his time in holistic health, and my father, a pathologist and dermatologist, I appreciate the balance between science & technology and spirituality, emotion, the arts, nature & beauty and look at the world through a holistic lens.

I love nature, animals, the arts, dance, fitness, yoga and vegetable gardening.  Spending time on holistic health and contemplating all things beautiful and connected is a daily practice. A few words to describe me are passionate spirit, powerful, authentic, truth speaker, connected, grounded in love and peace, soulful.

A snapshot into what I bring to audiences to energetically inspire, connect and engage at an event. Touching on themes, content weaving, preparation, improvisation, and collaboration with event planners.

I am a dynamic and inspiring speaker, born to connect with audiences. From volunteering to wrap a boa constrictor around my neck at age 5 to performing in my first dance recital as a bumble bee ballerina, I've always known that stage is where the magic happens. 

With a background in communications as an emcee, moderator, broadcast & TV host, video producer and scriptwriter, I bring a unique set of skills to engage and energize audiences. My passion lies in empowering people through performing and speaking, fueled by a heart for energetically inspiring them to connect. 

As a reliable and flexible team member, I collaborate with event and production teams, speakers, executives, and planners to craft compelling content and deliver impactful messages. 

Rooted in a medical and technical background, earning a B.S. in Biopsychology with honors from University of Michigan, I completed a pre-med curriculum. It was in college through the continual study of theater, dance, improv comedy and communications that I realized my true passion: connecting with and empowering people through performing and speaking.  

My intense curiosity and passion for growth drives me to create exciting and personalized experiences for every event, leaving audiences with valuable insights they can put into action in their organizations and personal lives.  My mission is to connect with hearts and minds, weaving together authentic and memorable moments that leave a lasting impact.