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Soulful emcee and event host Amy McWhirter energizes and inspires audiences to connect and take action. Amy brings soul and energy to events, no matter the delivery type, and connects audiences to the heart of messaging so they are moved and inspired to act.

Expert in emceeing live on-stage, hybrid and virtual events, producing and hosting videos and TV shows, Amy helps audiences get to the heart of every session, making sure messages are clear and compelling. Her effervescence is contagious and she’s adept at emphasizing key points from speakers, gracefully improvising with humor, focusing the audience’s attention and weaving in themes of the event.

Drawing from years of experience as a corporate presenter and broadcast host in technology, healthcare, manufacturing, defense, finance and other industries, Amy makes complex or technical material relatable and conversational, and improvises with humor and grace. She's a super quick study with a Bachelor of Science with Honors pre-med from University of Michigan.

Amy's laser in-the-moment focus, listening, reacting, quick thinking and summarizing creates continuity and cohesion, drives deeper audience engagement and amplifies messaging by pulling threads together in a unique way so that audiences come away with deep value and meaning. She works with marketing and event planning teams to help craft scripting, content, interview questions and engagement activities that drive home the central themes of her client’s event and ensure that the audience is inspired, energized and ready to act.