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Amy McWhirter - Emcee, Host, Moderator, Speaker

Benefits of working with Amy:

  • Event planning teams have a consistent, thorough, reliable partner.
  • Attendees experience cohesion, energy and connection.
  • Engagement and brand recognition during and post-event.
  • Collaborates with your team on mission, message and crafting content.

     Amy Energetically Inspires audiences to enjoy the experience. 

114. Intuition and Opportunity with Amy McWhirter
May 28, 2023

Anthony starts things today with a candid take about some of the components he experienced at The Special Event 2023 Orlando and gives a TIPSY about "Showcasing" your business. Alex gets into a YAIYAI-ism about Promises and Meaningful Talk.

They are joined this week by Emcee and Event Host Amy McWhirter. Anthony and Alex ask questions around Amy's background in Dance, Improv and network television and how they have been her building blocks to success in the special event industry. She also answers questions about her approach with International audiences, even some insight on how she grounds and centers herself and some nuggets on how she amplifies the message in her client's scripts. Listen in...