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HealthCare & Medical Presenter

With rapid advances in technology, new product launches are more important than ever. Trying to attract the attention of healthcare and medical buyers requires more than a detailed spec sheet. Communicating value as well as effectiveness is the best way to generate more qualified leads.

A professional trade show presenter frees up your sales and marketing staff to engage more fully with qualified prospects, while also attracting audiences using enthusiasm, energy and the credibility of your brand.

Amy McWhirter is an expert at skillfully communicating the benefits of highly complex products and services to buyers in a way that is natural, engaging and credible.

Key benefits of working with Amy:

1. Her ability to understand who your ideal clients are and adapt her presentation to

funnel those qualified clients to your sales staff for further engagement.

2. A highly collaborative approach that helps internal marketing teams create presentations and programs that

help your brand stand out in any conference setting.

3. A professional who thoroughly researches and represents your brand with energy, enthusiasm and credibility.

AAOS (Orthopaedic Surgeons)
AACC (Clinical Chemistry)
AAPM (Physicists in Medicine)
American College of Cardiology
American Diabetes Association
ASTRO (Radiation Oncology)

College of Surgeons
Heart Rhythm Society

Pri-Med (Healthcare education)RSNA
Society of Nuclear Medicine


1. Pick a presentation type

Product overview, theater presentation with slides or video, demos, introducing guest or internal speakers, interactive Q&A or games.

2. Messaging

Begin with a general idea of messaging and Amy will provide input on scripting, create from your materials, or work from a fully formed script you provide. Tweaks will always be made to existing scripts to make the presentation conversational, concise, and engaging.

3. Let's talk about more details

Ready to begin a conversation and explore further strategies?

Additional staffing (crowd gatherers, brand ambassadors, hosts, emcees, presenters), booth staff training and scriptwriting services are available. If Amy is booked or not the best fit, she'll find, book and manage another top-tier talent for you. When script is provided, work is always done pre-event to convert any marketing speak into natural conversation.



"Simply Amazing! That is how I would describe Amy. She is the most professional and fantastic presenter. Her stage presence, her ability to hit the message consistently on target every time, her ability to absorb and learn the technology, and her skills in making script change recommendations for the best message, makes her absolutely unique. I have worked with Amy in three different companies now, and over a number of years. I would highly highly recommend Amy, as I have yet to meet or see any other presenter that is even close to what Amy delivers. "- Yama Habibzai, CMO | Densify

"Amy had an unexplainable way of bringing our material to life. Not only does she have a fantastic attitude and personality but she is a true crowd pleaser. Several times a day our own employees asked me if we hired someone new because she was that believable. If you didn’t know firsthand she was a professional speaker you would think she is visiting our customers and talking about our technology on a daily basis."

- Renee Schouten, Director of Marketing | INX

Captivating!  People are drawn to your voice - the tone, the credibility, the way you speak.  They walk by, hear your voice and are drawn in.  It's not high pressure sales.  People think you work for our company!  

- Karen Pifer, Corporate Trade Show Manager | Leidos

Let's engage and connect.

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