Corporate Event Emcee (MC) and Host

Corporations, organizations and event planners spend significant time, effort and money making their events a success

and ensuring the best ROI possible.  A seemingly small addition - hiring a professional emcee - can make a big difference in the outcome of their event and the experience and engagement of audiences.  Amy engages audiences in an authentic way that creates connections and impact, resulting in more qualified sales leads and enhanced event outcomes. 

2.5-minute demo of Amy McWhirter's Emcee (MC) & Event Hosting highlights

A professional emcee not only becomes the face and voice of your event, setting the tone, but also maintains focus and audience interest, driving the event forward and keeping your audiences energized and engaged. This allows everyone to make the most of their event experience.

Amy McWhirter is a professional host and emcee (MC) who is regularly tapped for live events because she is quick on her feet, credible, authentic, warmly energetic and connects effortlessly with rooms of 50 to 5000 attendees. She has a deep desire for audience members to find great value in their event experience.

Authenticity, consistent enthusiasm, professionalism, flexibility, keen awareness to read the room, flexibility and your emcee's natural ability to engage audiences ensures that attendees will participate in dynamic sessions with higher satisfaction post-event. 

Drawing from years of experience as a Trade Show Presenter in information technology and cybersecurity, healthcare and medical, manufacturing, electronics, government and other industries, Amy makes complex or technical material relatable and conversational, and can improvise with humor and grace.  

She also has extensive experience in corporate communications as a producer, director and scriptwriter, and as an On-Camera Host. As such she regularly works with marketing teams and executives helping to craft speeches and presentations that drive home the central themes and messages of her clients’ events.

Corporate Events | Sales Meetings | Product Launches | Press Events | Awards Ceremonies | Galas | Conferences & Conventions |

Virtual and Hybrid Events | Live Broadcasts & Webcasts | Customer Events | Scriptwriting | Improvisation | Moderator & Interviewer

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Amy's work diligently with you on scripting before we ever set foot onto the event floor and handle any last-minute changes with ease; deliver "Voice of God" announcements, opening welcome and speech, introduce speakers, provide housekeeping announcements, interview or Q&A with speakers or panels, moderate breakout sessions; ensure your event flows smoothly and improvise when necessary; keep audiences engaged and energized, guiding them on a rich, meaningful journey.  

"To find out more about how I can support your next event and set you up for success, click the Contact button below and let's chat". - Amy McWhirter

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Customer Testimonials

"I just wanted to say a formal thank you for being such an amazing Host/Professional/Moderator/General Giver of Calm at the IFS World Conference. The client is delighted. The show was complex and the demands from all directions a tricky balancing act. Thank you for your humor and ability to 'read the room'. I am not sure you can 'rock' a software conference but we came very close!"
- Elsa Ford, Producer Live Events | IFS World Conference
"Just wanted to say a big thank you again for last night.
The event went really well and you were key to that success. Brilliant MC, Charismatic, dynamic with our guests…...just what we needed!"
- Pere Ramirez, Operations Manager, Tarsus Group
"I have gotten so much positive feedback about you as the host for our live event! And I second that! You looked so natural and relaxed! It was a pleasure to work with you again and great job!” 
-Tracy Niehaus, Marketing Manager, Honeywell Intelligrated
"I am so honored and proud to recommend Amy as one of the very best hosts, emcees, TV personalities in the World.  Amy’s personality, knowledge and rapid brain comprehension, provided us the opportunity to double sales. Amy’s style, smile and inflection as she speaks is second to none. Do not bother researching anyone else. Do yourself a favor while saving time, and being rewarded with the results you expect. Amy by far, is the best at what she does. I’ve witnessed her work first hand for our clients and she knows how to get into your soul."

- Dave Peroni, The Ad Group Agency 

"Thank YOU for rolling with the punches and being an amazing sport. You were fantastic and it was great to have you at our sales kickoff event to keep it fun and interesting. You were a breath of fresh air!"

- Hannah Cho, Corporate Marketing

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Amy addresses questions about hiring a professional to host events. 

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Why not use an internal person to emcee our event? (26 sec)

The art of emceeing balancing focus and flow (26 sec)

Why spend the money for a professional emcee? (23 sec)

What are key benefits to hiring a professional MC? (12 sec)

Attendees think I work for the company emceeing for (30 sec)