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Amy McWhirter

Amy McWhirter helps audiences make the most of their event experience. An engaging, authentic, charismatic professional Corporate Event Host and Emcee and Trade Show Presenter, Amy has a passion for empowering and connecting with people through communication.  

She has over a decade of experience presenting and hosting for corporate clients in industries including technology, healthcare, manufacturing and more. 

Clients appreciate Amy's collaborative approach as well as her success around the world. She prides herself on her ability to “become the brand” for whomever she is representing. Her focus is always on aligning her presentation and content to her client’s identity, making sure audiences get the most of their event experience, and delivering with energy and enthusiasm.

But career experience and attributes only partially describe a person.

Who is Amy McWhirter really?...

"I was born to perform and connect with audiences. Rooted in medical and technical backgrounds, I earned a B.S. in Biopsychology with honors from University of Michigan, completing a pre-med curriculum. It was in college through the continual study of theater, dance and communications that I realized my true passion...connecting with and empowering people through speaking and performing. 

A lifelong passion and love for dance continues as I choreograph and teach repertoire dance (lyrical, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, ballet) to adults. It was my love of performance and connecting with audiences, realized at age 5 on the dance stage, that continues to ignite me today. Video samples of my dance choreography and performance work here.

An intense curiosity and passion for research and learning fuels me. Influenced by my grandfather, a dentist ahead of his time in holistic health, and my father, a pathologist and dermatologist, I appreciate the balance between science & technology and spirituality, emotion, nature & beauty and look at the world through a holistic lens.

​​I also have extensive experience in TV and on-camera hosting, voiceover, as well as corporate communications as a producer, director, and scriptwriter. Samples of my video production work are located here.  

With a love of nature, the arts, dance, fitness and gardening, spending time on holistic health and contemplating all things beautiful and connected is a daily practice. A few words to describe me are passionate spirit, powerful, authentic, truth speaker, connected, grounded in love."


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