"I was born to perform and connect with audiences. Rooted in medical and technical backgrounds and earning a B.S. in Biopsychology with honors from University of Michigan, I completed a pre-med curriculum. It was in college through the continual study of theater, dance and communications that I realized my true passion...connecting with and empowering people through speaking and performing. 

A lifelong passion and love for dance continues as I choreograph collaboratively and teach repertoire dance in all styles to adults. It was my love of performance and connecting with audiences, realized at age 5 on the dance stage, that continues to ignite me today in speaking, improv comedy, and dance.  Video samples of my dance choreography and performance hereScroll down to view latest improv comedy and dance performance choreography . 

An intense curiosity and passion for growth, research and learning fuels me. Influenced by my grandfather, a dentist ahead of his time in holistic health, and my father, a pathologist and dermatologist, I appreciate the balance between science & technology and spirituality, emotion, the arts, nature & beauty and look at the world through a holistic lens.

I also have extensive experience in virtual event and live broadcast hostingTV and on-camera hosting, voiceover, trade show presentations, as well as corporate communications as a producer, director, and scriptwriter. Samples of some of my video production work are located here.  

With a love of nature, animals, the arts, dance, fitness and gardening, spending time on holistic health and contemplating all things beautiful and connected is a daily practice. A few words to describe me are passionate spirit, powerful, authentic, truth speaker, connected, grounded in love, soulful."

- Amy McWhirter

Amy McWhirter is renowned for her warmly inviting, soulful, captivating energy that inspires audiences of all sizes to connect with key messages and take action. As a professional Emcee and Event Host, TV & On-Camera Host and Corporate Presenter, Amy brings soul and energy to event audiences, creating real connection and impact.

Combining years of experience in communication, including emceeing and presenting at live, hybrid and virtual events, broadcast hosting and as a video producer, director and scriptwriter,  Amy helps audiences get to the heart of every session, making sure messages are clear and compelling.  Her effervescence is contagious and she's adept at emphasizing key points from speakers, improvising with humor, focusing the audience's attention and weaving in themes of the event.  

Drawing from years of experience as a corporate presenter and broadcast host in technology, healthcare/medical, manufacturing, government/defense, finance and other industries, Amy makes complex or technical material relatable and conversational, and improvises with humor and grace.  She's also a super quick study with a Bachelor of Science in biopsychology pre-med honors from U of MI.

Amy’s laser in-the-moment focus, listening, reacting, thinking quickly and summarizing creates continuity and cohesion, drives deeper engagement and amplifies messaging by pulling threads together in a unique way so that audiences come away with deep value. She works with marketing and event planning teams to help craft speeches, presentations, scripting, content, interviews and engagement activities to drive home the central themes and messages of her clients’ events to ensure that the audience is inspired, energized and ready to act.  

I am honored to share my latest stage dance choreography production piece "Out of the Darkness" - a powerful, authentic, portrayal of the battle between Light and Dark that lives within each of us and the world. These 12 Repertoire dancers collaborated with their heart and soul, digging deep to convey human emotions of longing, power, control, beauty, humility, kindness, greed, jealousy, celebration, joy, love.  This dynamic, beautifully lit 4 1/2-minute performance builds on each moment after the next to an epic crescendo, and will be best viewed full-screen with volume up and all the way through. (I'm the tallest one in the middle).  Please enjoy.