Connecting with crowds and attendees at a distracting, noisy, busy trade show can be challenging.

Captivating audiences as a professional presenter, Amy engages people and draws them into your booth, while informing attendees about products and services you provide. This frees up your team to engage with customers in their level of expertise, allowing you to maximize the value of your trade show investment with increased traffic, brand recognition and more qualified sales leads.

Dynamic, engaging on-camera host and spokesperson Amy impacts audiences with energy, warmth, humor, approachability, and credibility. TelePrompter, ear prompter, memorization, improv.

Video mediums include TV shows, webcasts, commercials, live broadcasts, training, corporate communications, interviews and moderation, product and service promotions, web videos.

Amy McWhirter is renowned for her warmly inviting SOULFUL CAPTIVATING ENERGY that inspires audiences of all sizes to connect with key messages and take action.

Her effervescence is contagious! Amy creates CONTINUITY and COHESION, DEEPER AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT and AMPLIFIES MESSAGES by pulling threads together in a unique way, thereby helping audiences get to the heart of every session, making sure messages are loud, clear and compelling.

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Learn how Amy's unique background lead to her passion for authentic, soulful connection and impact with audiences...

Virtual Emcee Video Showcase

Watch video collection of Amy's virtual event host and emcee work for clients including Salesforce, Samsung, Infosys, BMC, and Argenx, American College of Prosthodontists, IKAA, LeadMethod, American Academy of Implant Dentistry and more. 


"Simply Amazing! That is how I would describe Amy. She is the most professional and fantastic presenter. Her stage presence, her ability to hit the message consistently on target every time, her ability to absorb and learn the technology, and her skills in making script change recommendations for the best message, makes her absolutely unique. I have worked with Amy in three different companies now, and over a number of years. I would highly highly recommend Amy, as I have yet to meet or see any other presenter that is even close to what Amy delivers."  - Yama Habibzai, CMO | Densify

"I am so honored and proud to recommend Amy as one of the very best hosts, emcees, TV personalities in the World.

Amy’s personality, knowledge and rapid brain comprehension, provided us the opportunity to double sales.  Do not bother researching anyone else. Do yourself a favor while saving time, and being rewarded with the results you expect. Amy by far, is the best at what she does. I’ve witnessed her work first hand for our clients and she knows how to get into your soul."

- Dave Peroni, Principal | The Ad Group Agency 

Virtual events can have many moving parts with both ‘TV-produced quality’ and ‘reality TV-like’ components. I highly encourage meeting and event planners to consider hiring a professional event host that can tie together your messaging throughout your event while managing attendee expectations. When it came time to “open doors” to our #VirtualPivot event, Amy did what she does best – engaging with speakers and attendees with her energetic personality and just making us look good. As one attendee mentioned in our post-event surveys, “I loved Amy's passion and enthusiasm." Choosing Amy was the best decision we made for #VirtualPivot and I highly recommend that you hire her for your on-site or virtual event too.

- Carlos Tabora, Editor/Publisher | Virtual Event News

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"You were ABSOLUTELY mind blowing!!! You were just such a delight to watch! Thank you so much in helping us pull off such a huge success!"

- Jyotika Luthra, VP Operations | Executive Platforms

"Just wanted to say a big thank you again for last night.
The event went really well and you were key to that success. Brilliant MC, Charismatic, dynamic with our guests…...just what we needed!"
- Pere Ramirez, Operations Manager | Tarsus Group

Amy brings soul and energy to events as a captivating emcee and event host, increasing ROI by engaging audiences to connect with key messages and inspiring them to take action.

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Soulful and Captivating 

Energizing and Inspiring Audiences

To Connect and Take Action

"You are a REALLY GREAT MC. I only saw you a few minutes on stage but you are so filled with energy and enthusiasm and JOY!!!! " - David Romanelli, Bestselling Author and International Speaker

"I just wanted to say a formal thank you for being such an amazing Host/Professional/Moderator/General Giver of Calm at the IFS World Conference. The client is delighted. The show was complex and the demands from all directions a tricky balancing act. Thank you for your humor and ability to 'read the room'. I am not sure you can 'rock' a software conference but we came very close!"
- Elsa Ford, Producer Live Events | IFS Conference
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Amy has years of experience hosting live broadcasts and virtual events. Capabilities include full video production, voiceover, live broadcast and professional in-home webcasting studio with green screen option available for VIRTUAL events

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“YOU ARE A PRO! Thank you so much for rolling with the punches and adding a sense of stability, enthusiasm, credibility, and light to the broadcast. Looking forward to the next time we get to work together.” - Brigette Polmar,  Brand Spoken | MG Illuminate Virtual Event

“AWESOME!!! AMY!!! SUPERB. MY GOD. Amy Killed it. You handled it so well, all the transitions. WE ARE AN A-TEAM. EVERYONE IN ACTION :-) “
- Showtime Events and Infosys | Virtual Connect 2020

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