International Emcee, Host, Presenter Energizing and Inspiring Audiences.

Soulful Communicator Driving Messages and Business Outcomes.

Content Catalyst + Engagement Instigator.

Your Audience Deserves to be Moved.

Amy brings soul and a deeply human connection to screen. With warm, energetic authenticity, she connects audiences to the heart of messaging and inspiration. Amy hosted the PBS docuseries "Built to Last: The Green Home".

Specialties include hosting in-person recorded events, live streaming virtual events, TV shows, docuseries, studio broadcasts, training, corporate communications, interviews and moderation, product and service videos.

     Benefits of working with Amy:

  • Event planning teams have a consistent, thorough, reliable Partner.
  • Amy creates Cohesion and Connection among attendees.
  • Ensure continued Engagement and Brand Recognition post-event.
  • Amy researches deeply and collaborates with your team on Mission, Message and Crafting Content.
  • She Energetically Inspires audiences to Enjoy the Experience. 
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Connect with Amy:

Amy soulfully energizes audiences to connect with key messages and take action. She engages with warmth, humor, and passion, crafting content that drives home the central themes of your event. Your audience deserves to be moved!

Amy and her video professional husband offer full video production in 4k for pre-recorded video, including multiple cameras, graphics, animation, editing, choice of simple background, soft focus home or office, or green screen.

She streams live with crisp video and audio, lighting and hi-speed ethernet from her in-home webcasting studio.  

Click here for more on how Amy is ideally suited to partner with you on energizing virtual audiences and inspiring them to act!

"5 reasons to hire a professional Emcee (MC) & Event Host"

As a content catalyst and engagement instigator, Amy is a compelling panel moderator and interviewer. She's facile with a myriad of topics including tech, health and wellness, public works, and consumer trends on stages and in studios in the USA around the world.

She researches meticulously to understand each topic, audience pain points, meets with each speaker, and crafts the best way to draw out content that will most benefit and inspire listeners.

 "Amy's witty and engaging style kept the audience captivated and entertained throughout the program. Her ability to seamlessly transition from one segment to the other, and keep the event on track, was impressive. Amy's professionalism, charisma, and energy added so much to the overall success of the event."

- Horizons 2023 In-Person International Thought Leadership Conference

Amy's clients include: 

Energizing and Inspiring Emcee

Amy's rich background in communications as in-person MC, virtual emcee, broadcast & TV host, video producer and scriptwriter creates the perfect blend of skills for hosting hybrid events.

Her warm authenticity shines through to live in-person and virtual audiences simultaneously, as she holistically integrates messaging, focusing on key takeaways and elevating the audience’s experience.

 "Amy was fantastic, with high energy and connection that tied everything together seamlessly. She offered personal stories to connect with the minds and hearts of audiences."

- IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) FIRST Hybrid Conference

Connecting to the Heart of Messaging

 "The feedback has been glowing! I was blown away watching those "Live from Vegas" segments. Amy came across so warm, knowledgeable, comfortable and crisp that it seemed as though she’d been our live streaming event host for years."

- VeeamOn Live Streaming Event Broadcast

Soulful Communicator Driving Business Outcomes

"Love the delivery, tone, and smile! Thanks for sharing participants’ sentiments/thoughts so well and incorporating them into the overall program. You are such a smooth and engaging individual. It’s great to have you on the team."

- CUES (Credit Union Executives Society) Director & Dialogue Virtual Event Series

 Event Partner Catalyzing Content