Virtual Event Emcee (MC) and Host Amy McWhirter

Amy worked for years in corporate communications as a trade show presenter and video producer, director and scriptwriter, often working in tandem with her husband who owns and operates a respected 20-year video production company in the Midwest.  She understands the importance of great content, stellar lighting, crisp audio, and all of the technical and production details that go into producing excellent video. 

Corporate Events | Sales Meetings | Product Launches | Press Events | Awards Ceremonies | Galas | Conferences & Conventions |

Virtual and Hybrid Events | Live Broadcasts & Webcasts | Customer Events | Scriptwriting | Improvisation | Moderator & Interviewer

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Customer Testimonials

“Yes, indeed! It was a pleasure working with you. In this World of virtual experiences your work is key to go beyond and above when engaging with the audience. As I said, I hope this wasn't the last time working together! 😀 “
- Vanessa Martins | Field Marketing Manager | BMC 
"Thank you for your professionalism and being such a delight to work with, Amy."  - Craig Downing, Sr. Director, Global Cloud Marketing & Demand Generation | Salesforce | Service Change Makers Virtual Event 
"I am so honored and proud to recommend Amy as one of the very best hosts, emcees, TV personalities in the World.  Amy’s personality, knowledge and rapid brain comprehension, provided us the opportunity to double sales. Amy’s style, smile and inflection as she speaks is second to none. Do not bother researching anyone else. Do yourself a favor while saving time, and being rewarded with the results you expect. Amy by far, is the best at what she does. I’ve witnessed her work first hand for our clients and she knows how to get into your soul."

- Dave Peroni, Principal | The Ad Group Agency 

“YOU ARE A PRO! Thank you so much for rolling with the punches and adding a sense of stability, enthusiasm, credibility, and light to the broadcast. Looking forward to the next time we get to work together.”  - Brigette Polmar, Brand Spoken | MG Illuminate Virtual Event 

Event Insights with Amy 

"You were ABSOLUTELY mind blowing!!! You were just such a delight to watch! Thank you so much in helping us pull off such a huge success!" 

- Jyotika Luthra, VP Operations | Executive Platforms

“AWESOME!!! AMY!!! SUPERB. MY GOD. Amy Killed it. You handled it so well, all the transitions. WE ARE AN A-TEAM. EVERYONE IN ACTION :-) “
- Showtime Events and Infosys | Virtual Connect 

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Amy has years of experience as a virtual event emcee for internal and external corporate live broadcasts, team building, webcasts, sales training, hybrid in-person and live broadcast conferences. Her authentically engaging nature invites audiences to connect with messaging and take away key points, inspired, and ready to act on what they've learned.

Invitations to comment and ask questions, networking, segues, interviews, game facilitation, announcements, fundraising,  audience retention and engagement are all enhanced by a dynamic soulful emcee and host. Connecting with facial expressions, emotion and energy to virtual audiences through the camera is exhilarating to Amy, and perfectly suits her expertise and deep desire for attendees to find value and opportunities for connection during their time at events.  

Amy has been representing companies, organizations and brands since the very beginning of her professional speaking career as an on-camera and TV host and spokesperson.  She hosted the PBS TV serves Built to Last: The Green Home. From internal communication videos, promotional and web consumer videos, TV commercials, voiceovers, webcasts and live broadcasts, Amy is super comfortable on camera connecting with audiences.  Expert at TelePrompter and Ear Prompter, moderation and interviewing, memorization and quick-thinking humor and improv.

Or, she can travel to your studio for live events, hybrid events or to record content.

Amy streams live from her in-home professional studio with pro lighting and audio, Sony A6400 4K camera, hi-speed ethernet with backup, clean background, optional green screen and TelePrompter.

And, we provide pre-recorded content with full video production including multiple 4k or HD cameras, graphics, animation, experience with all major streaming platforms and editing.

As a live emcee and event host, Amy is renowned for her warmly energetic, engaging approach that inspires audiences of all sizes to connect, engage and act. She creates continuity, drives deeper engagement and amplifies messaging so that audiences come away with deep value from their time invested in events.  She’s a super quick study with a B.S. in biopsychology with honors pre-med from University of Michigan.

And, she loves the energy that comes with live - whether on stage for in-person or hybrid events, on-camera or virtually. Her clientele spans large corporations like Infosys, Honeywell, Whirlpool Corporation, Anaplan, BMC, Elekta Medical Argenx, galas by Label Awards, Shop Global Awards, Executive Platforms and household names including Maytag, KitchenAid, Cadillac, Owens Corning, Samsung, Salesforce, Rinnai, Cardinal Health.

"Virtual events can have many moving parts with both ‘TV-produced quality’ and ‘reality TV-like’ components. I highly encourage meeting and event planners to consider hiring a professional event host that can tie together your messaging throughout your event while managing attendee expectations. When it came time to “open doors” to our #VirtualPivot event, Amy did what she does best – engaging with speakers and attendees with her energetic personality and just making us look good. As one attendee mentioned in our post-event surveys, “I loved Amy's passion and enthusiasm." Choosing Amy was the best decision we made for #VirtualPivot and I highly recommend that you hire her for your on-site or virtual event too." - Carlos Tabora, Editor/Publisher | Virtual Event News
“Amy is FANTASTIC! She truly helped bring our virtual conference to the next level by providing a great amount of energy and excitement. She kept our audience engaged through both days of our event. She went above and beyond to make us feel at ease by staying organized and being available for quick changes as the days went on. I would truly recommend Amy to any event organization - for both in-person and virtual events. We'll be hiring her again at our next year's conference. Thanks for everything, Amy!” 
- Brittany Satterfield | Sr. Marketing Manager | Auros Knowledge Systems | Knowledge Aware 2020 Virtual

Authentically captivating audiences.  Creating connection and soulful impact.

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“Love the delivery, tone, and smile! Thanks for sharing participants’ sentiments/thoughts so well and incorporating them into the overall program. You are such a smooth and engaging individual. It’s great to have you on the team. We’re looking forward to the next two sessions with you.”

- James Lenz | Professional Development Manager | Credit Union Executives Society

Virtual Emcee Videos 

Your audience deserves to be moved.

Soulful and Captivating. Energizing and Inspiring audiences to Connect and Take Action.

Why hiring Amy McWhirter makes sense


Amy has been hosting live streaming broadcast virtual events in studio and hybrid events on stage long before 2020.

With the virtual pivot,  she and her video professional husband transformed their home into a webcasting studio.

Emceeing virtual events for Salesforce, Samsung, BMC, Infosys, American College of Prosthodontists, Argenx, Auros,

Credit Union Executives Society and many more, Amy is comfortable on any virtual platform.

Soulful and captivating, Amy energizes and inspires audiences to connect and take action.  She creates continuity and cohesion, drives deeper audience engagement, maintains focus and amplifies messaging. 

Expert in emceeing live on-stage, in-studio, hybrid and virtual events, and hosting and producing videos, Amy works with marketing and event planners to help craft scripting, content, interview questions and engagement activities that drive home the central themes of her client’s event to ensure that the audience is inspired, energized and ready to act.

“It was amazing. You did an amazing job. All of the comments and everything that has been said about having you part of our meeting has been extremely positive. People really thought you did a great job bringing the whole week together with cohesion. We met with our leadership last night, the executive committee and they were all extremely impressed and grateful for everything you did.” - Katie Koszyk, Manager Education and Meetings | American College of Prosthodontists | Virtual Conference