"You're like classical music.  Everyone else is a garage band." 

- Mark Arnold, VP Marketing | ELEKTA

Amy is amazing to work with, having worked with her for several years presenting highly technical medical equipment and software at multiple trade shows. She is a true professional. She adjusted easily to our last minute changes and provided excellent suggestions to make our presentations more impactful. I would highly recommend Amy. She is a pleasure to work with."

- Tom Chadwick, Sr. Business Marketing Manager | ELEKTA

"Amy is a true professional. She has done a tremendous job for us each time she has worked with us as a Trade Show Presenter. She is very easy to work with, and really understands how to present to a crowd at a trade show for maximum impact. I would highly recommend Amy for any type of Trade Show Presentation work." 

- Don Dubuque, Director of Marketing | STANDARD FINISHING

“When it comes to professional, attention-grabbing and consistent presentations for any public venue, Amy is a must have!  She has the perfect combination of energy and professionalism that instantly lends credibility to any presentation. She brought my script to life and truly spoke to the audience."

- Mike Guillory, Corporate Brand Communications | TEXAS INSTRUMENTS

“Your presentation drew more attention to our booth than we ever experienced before.  We were able to identify physicians for more personal attention while you were speaking. When you finished we were 100% successful in inviting targeted physicians into the booth for a more in-depth discussion. The best testimonial is that we want you back.” 

- Tom Lindstrom | SORIN GROUP

“Our Management is still raving about the excellent job that you did at our recent show!  Thank you for all your help and guidance with the scripts as well.  Your delivery of the script was so on the money that people actually thought you had been working for Uhlmann for years.”

- Diane Wurdemann, Trade Show Coordinator | UHLMANN

"Amy had an unexplainable way of bringing our material to life.  Not only does she have a fantastic attitude and personality but she is a true crowd pleaser. Several times a day our own employees asked me if we hired someone new because she was that believable.  If you didn’t know firsthand she was a professional speaker you would think she is visiting our customers and talking about our technology on a daily basis."

- Renee Etiopio, Corporate Marketing Manager | INX

“I would recommend Amy to anyone needing an exceptional presenter.   Amy was a delight to work with, and made the script her own. Her demeanor was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and she captured people's attention.  Amy is thorough in her preparation, was always punctual, and wore a very well-chosen, sophisticated, professional attire. Whenever I need a presenter again, Amy will be my first choice!"

- Marcia Barahona, Marketing Manager |


"You far exceeded our expectations and we really appreciate it."

- Michael Sabo, VP Marketing | DB Networks

"It's easy to be skeptical or reluctant when it comes to hiring a professional speaker; especially when the subject matter is so technical. Amy has dashed those fears and has consistently helped us deliver our message with both ease and eloquence. Beyond exceeding our expectations with her professionalism, Amy is a wonderful person and it has been a joy to work with her. I highly recommend her and her work."

- Steve Mahoney, Product Line Manager | SevOne

“Thank you so much for your time, expertise, and, for just being a great person when you were here last week.  You impressed everyone in more ways than one.”

- Dave Peroni, Media Strategist | The Ad Group

"Amy is professional, polished, and prepared for every presentation. She mastered very challenging content with ease--and with a smile. I highly recommend her work!"

 - Kay Malchow, Content Strategist | 

INFOR Healthcare

“Amy has a fantastic attitude, excellent to work with, flexible and professional. She interprets direction well, has great instincts and a keen ability to understand what the client needs and transfers that onto the screen. We've used her to brand our website and in-store network. We've also used her image on print projects. Amy has been a great partner for Meijer."

-Sam Ramos, Broadcast Specialist | Meijer Corporation

“I have worked with Amy on multiple occasions and she’s always been a consistent, dependable presence in the booth. With polished, seemingly effortless voice-over work, a true command of scripted material, and the improvisational skills to be at ease on the show floor, Amy has been a great partner in our tradeshow work. She’s a real pleasure to work with."

- Sue Avery, Avery Marketing

"Thank you for the wonderful presentations you so kindly provided us. I am very pleased with the message you were able to convey. Your pace was right on, very easy to comprehend, good eye contact with the audience, maximum use of the entire stage area, strong delivery with confidence in your voice, and a very nice smile in between. Thank you very much for helping us out, I look forward to working together with you again at future shows."

-Tatsuro Kurachi, Marketing Manager | SONY

“I loved working with you and your presenting made it seem like you were already a part of ThreatTrack.  Thank you again for your amazing work at RSA. It was really a pleasure working with you.”

- Lahn Bain, Marketing Event Manager | ThreatTrack

"Simply Amazing!  That is how I would describe Amy.  She is the most professional and fantastic presenter. Her stage presence, her ability to hit the message consistently on target every time, her ability to absorb and learn the technology, and her skills in making script change recommendations for the best message, makes her absolutely unique.  I have worked with Amy in two different companies now, and over a number of years. I would highly highly recommend Amy, as I have yet to meet or see any other presenter that is even close to what Amy delivers. "                                                    - Yama Habibzai, Chief Marketing Officer, ScienceLogic

"I have had the pleasure of working with Amy on a couple of occasions. I extended my trust to her in working with one of my best clients. And she has always come through. Amy is a true professional. She does not show up to "wing it". She puts in the work and it shows in her ability to effectively communicate. I have absolutely no reservation in recommending Amy. You will not be disappointed."   - Shawn Lacagnina, Transforming Clients into Event Superstars

"I have gotten so much positive feedback about you as the host for our live event! And I second that! You looked so natural and relaxed! It was a pleasure to work with you again and great job! ” - Tracy Niehaus, Marketing Manager | Honeywell Intelligrated