Art. Intellect. Passion.  

Engaging audiences to bring your message to life.

Amy McWhirter is a dynamic and engaging professional international

Trade Show Presenter, TV & On Camera Host, and Event Emcee. Clients appreciate her warmth, professionalism, credibility, authenticity, flair for becoming part of the team, and ability to truly engage and empower people.

Audience members and company staff assume she's an employee of the company, and that she's been proficient with the industry material for years. She can master scripts in any industry, excelling at Ear Prompter, TelePrompter, memorization, and improvisational skills with quick thinking to adapt to the changing variables of live events. Amy has a unique ability to transform technical and medical information into easily understandable, relatable conversation.  

Earning a B.S. in Biopsychology with Honors from University of Michigan, Amy is rooted in medical and technical backgrounds - her dad a dermatologist and excellent pathologist slide technician, grandfather a dentist, and herself completing a college pre-med curriculum. It was in college through the continual study of theater, dance and communications that Amy realized her true passion...connecting with and empowering people through speaking and performing. 

​​Amy has extensive experience in corporate communications as a producer, director, and scriptwriter. Samples of her video production work with Bolin Video Communications may be found here. Amy also works as a voice-over artist, and occasionally as a commercial print model and actress.

She has a lifelong passion and love for dance, and continues to dance several times a week, choreograph, and teach repertoire study (lyrical, jazz, hip hop, contemporary) and ballet to adults. In fact, it was her love of performance and connecting with audiences, realized at age 5 on the dance stage, that continues to ignite her passionate spirit today. Video samples of her dance choreography and performance work are here.

Amy has a love of nature, animals and gardening, carrying on the family tradition begun by her grandfather of nurturing an annual vegetable garden. Also influenced by her grandfather (the dentist) who was decades ahead of his time, she has an appreciation for all things holistic. A few words to describe her are passionate spirit, powerful, authentic, truth speaker, connected, grounded in love.  

In the words of one of her clients:  "Simply amazing...I would highly highly recommend Amy, as I have yet to meet or see any other presenter that is even close to what Amy delivers."

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"Preparing with do what I love!"

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