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“Your presentation drew more attention to our booth than we ever experienced before. We were able to identify attendees for more personal attention while you were speaking. When you finished we were 100% successful in inviting targeted customers into the booth for a more in-depth discussion. The best testimonial is that we want you back.”  - Sorin Group

"When it comes to professional, attention-grabbing and consistent presentations for any public venue, Amy is a must have! She has the perfect combination of energy and professionalism that instantly lends credibility. She really brought my script to life and truly spoke to the audience."
- Texas Instruments​​

“You’re like Classical Music. Everyone else is a garage band."
- Elekta​​

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Amy McWhirter is a dynamic and engaging International Trade Show and Corporate Presenter, TV & On Camera Host, and Event Emcee.

Clients and audiences consistently note an appreciation for her warmth, professionalism, credibility, and ability to truly engage and empower audiences. Amy excels at ear prompter, TelePrompter, memorization and improv and has a unique flair for technical and medical information.  She has traveled the world representing companies including Fortune 500s.    

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2014  Amy McWhirter | Trade Show Presenter | On Camera Host | Corporate Spokesperson

Airing on PBS...Built to Last: The Green Home with
Host Amy McWhirter
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Local to Chicago, Southwest Michigan, Northwest Indiana and traveling nationally and internationally

Art. Intellect. Passion.
engaging audiences to bring your message to life
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Trade Show Presenter Corporate Spokesperson